Domain Management

You dont need a domain name actually at all. Depending on what you are doing, if you have a static public address, you can use the ip to access the server. This is fine if the server is being used for extranet, backups etc. But if you have a public face, then youll need a domain name. At present nz domains can be had for around $25 a year, and .coms for $15.


Dot coms are a pretty congested namespace, and you will have to think pretty hard to find a short name that isnt taken. Sit yourself down with a thesaurus, and either on online domain name checker or a command line whois. Some domains that are taken, are actually being held for on sale, and so might still be available for purchase at a premium. In that case typing the domain name into a browser will produce some contact information. The whole process works rather like personalised number plates. Theres an official outlet as well as private resales.



If you have a server running and want to transfer a domain name to it then theres things to remember:


  • allowing for various things that come up, allow some time for the transfer to complete, dont leave it to the last minute.
  • done properly it can happen in less than 2 hours, however 24-48 hours is the norm and it can take up to a week if things go to custard
  • the simplest way is to get the UDAI from the old domain host, and give this to the new host, usually in a domain request form.
  • so make sure ahead of time that you have the old host cpanel logins etc in order to generate the UDAI.
  • be sure that the domain admin email address on the old host is still in a position to answer the   new host`s email confirmation
  • be sure that the domain admin email address you specify on the new host is also able to answer a confirmation email
  • to speed the actual transfer up a few days before you put the transfer order in reduce the DNS record time to 1 hour.
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