Webspaces is in a state of continual development. So the downloads that are available change often. Each version has been production tested, and therefore free of serious bugs, but none are guaranteed to be 100% free from quirks. If somethings working strange, try upgrading.


The webspaces package contains the cms, plus the calendar,and discuss addons. The server-addons package contains code to run the lists, netmeter and backup modules, but only relevant to those with their own servers.


Latest version 8.21:

Download (300K)

Download (300K)


Previous versions:

Download (300K)

Download (300K)

Download (140K)


Change log

8.21 -- 8.1 would fail to install on some servers. Documention brought up to date.

8.1 -- some broken nav links fixed, and a tree view added to admin view

8.03 -- fixed a handful of minor bugs (typos), added improved support for register globals variations, added enhanced session handling.

8.0 -- enhanced installer, better admin and edit page layout, several new addons, additional authentication methods, parent child page relationships, insertable field tags, sidebar now customizable per webspaces or page item, improved table support and an all purpose formatting container; better css structure, xhtml compliancy, updated documentation.

7.6.3 -- new installer, and running webspaces in a non default locations checked

7.6.1 -- fixed installer bug

7.6 -- small features enhancement.

Added an experimental wiki webspace mode.

Added   a facility which   allows logged in managers to create the new page from the page not found dialog

Added the ability to create ad hoc space, user and item locks

7.5 -- overhaul to use more functional html/css.

Introduced major changes to the template1.html.

Most code produced now meets w3 html 4.01 transitional spec

Made the manager admin and useradmin login dialogs one big click shorter.



Upgrading from 7.x to 8.x means a few new db tables and fields.

9 will have an uprgade script.


Known issues

  • deleting page item that is a parent will send children into hiding. eta 8.3
  • next and prev dont work on child pages , eta 9.0
  • page content that takes the form of $dd where d is a digit renders incorrectly, eta 8.5
  • no delete manager facility (still)
  • no undelete page facilty from admin area
  • webspace export and import function needs updating to version 8 specs
  • two consecutive boxes , the second doesnt convert; eta 8.4
  • bullet list formatting bug upon duplicate similar lists; eta 8.4
  • some webhosts are now setting very short session timeouts. Needs new custom session handler, due in 8.4.
  • in wiki mode (anyone:anyone) if there is no page content, then there is no more link, and hence no way to edit the file (except by typing page.php?view=the_page_name)
  • uploaded files get the owner of the webserver, usually apache or nobody. This may make them awkward to delete from ftp.
  • there is the odd handing on issue with logging in to do with moderation


Todo list

  • an insert image button, and insert field button
  • parent child completion, show relationship on admin, inherit sidebars etc, done mostly.
  • myspaces, space search ver 9
  • gui for main nav menu, and some settings functions; could be be a while
  • better quote handling. automatic conversion to backticks no longer good enough. eta 8.5
  • site wide sql inject double check well due. due 8.4
  • better fomatting parser , for better nesting and link checking etc
  • add a width% tag for the all purpose container, due 8.1, done
  • spam prevention from contact form due. 8.4
  • complete discuss , v9
  • Customisable icons for webspaces
  • more templates
  • webspace categories
  • way to order webspace index listings
  • webspace contents sidebar field
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