Website TCO

Entry level site

Total cost of ownership looks at both startup and ongoing costs, and the below should give you some idea of whats involved.



Site hosting has become quite competitive. $50-$100 per year will get you a reliable entry level host with a few email accounts. Believe it or not there are even some free webhosting options out there as well.

On top of that your own domain name will cost about $45 per year.


Site Development

A one page brochure style site can be had for about $300. You can be setup and running with a content managment system for around $1200.


Total cost of ownership

If you amortize the startup costs over 5 years, then you get:

[hosting         | $145 pa

dev                   | $240 pa

Total TCO   | $385 pa   ]


Beyond entry level

  • heavy traffic sites will need heavier duty hosting plans, $300+
  • you may require help with site marketing and search engine placement, maybe another $1200.
  • custom database designs start at about $2000.
  • complex graphics and multimedia, on-line sales/credit card processing etc., all require extra expertise, and very much p.o.a.
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