New in Version 8

Vesion 8 brings a raft of improvements and new features to Webspaces CMS. These can be summarised as:



  • optional calender
  • optional forum
  • optional user database.
  • several optional server based addons including listserver, netmeter and client backups



  • Pages now have a sidebar field (under page admin options). In this you can use Insertion tags to automate sidebar content, or use the webspace (new webspace setting)
  • New page markup features, including Boxes , floatable images, and Insertable fields.
  • Insertable field tags 2011-12-05 make automating content easy.   They are now parsed in twice once before template rendering and again during template rendering (as before). This gives you more control over what and how content is automatically inserted.
  • A choice of authentication methods ( cookie based sessions,   or htaccess off the Mysql user database.)
  • Pages can now have a parent child relationship to other webspace pages (eg a newsletter page with plural newsletters as children), and optional page appearance in webspace contents page.
  • New redirect function [xref: pagename] redirects user to another page or webspace



  • An improved page editing layout, making better use of the page, and avoiding multiple scrollbars. Textareas automatically fill available width, Height is configurable in the /conf/wsconfig.php file
  • A new config directory will make upgrades easier. Just overwrite everything but the config folder.
  • Improved installer, also installs optional addons, and creates two webspaces to get you started quickly.
  • Improved admin page layout, gets more on the page. A single page editor file, instead of the three previous.
  • Better passing on between page and admin. Edit from page view returns you to page view, edit from admin returns you to admin.
  • Login timeouts remember POST vars.
  • user related code moved to its own folder



  • Sitelinks has moved to the database, making maintaining the sidebar easier, and reducing sitelinks not found issues.
  • CMS fixed to work with register globals disabled
  • PHP in built session management engine dumped in favour of custom designed system. Avoids page caching issues, and reduces overall cookie setting, to one per login. Gives better control over timeouts (php was often discarding sessions in as little as 60 mins on some hosts)
  • table markup redesigned to use double pipe double underscore. Allows multiline table cells, not previously allowed.
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