Web Design

The web has become the outreach medium of choice, eclipsing TV, not without reason. Its really powerful, flexible and cheap.


User updateable (content managment /database driven) sites are a timely step beyond the static sites of old. It means among other things that people without web development training can maintain web content, which was actually the plan for of . Its a realisation of the dream of www founder Tim Berners-Lee to make it as easy to put material online as easy as it is to consume it.


The main steps involved are these (see also my FAQS).

  • Defining your audience, and understanding how a web presence fits within your overall outreach strategy
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Crafting the site`s form and function
  • Putting together any special resources you need
  • Choosing a webserver
  • Understanding how to get the search engine ranking you want


Also ive been working on some interesting webserver based applications:

  • user friendly multi-list email list server
  • intranet systems
  • mapping applications
  • standards compliant accessible xhtml1.0
  • ajax, php, mysql


I tend to champion functional, easy to use websites that are relatively light, and free of clutter and whiz-bang-for-the-sake-of-it   but its important for me to work closely with site owners to understand their vision and needs.

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