In order to make hardware planning decisions it may be interesting to know that NZs DLS infrastructure is pretty average.


From trial and error its clear that some of our connections are on copper and some run off roadside cabinets (which are small autonomous telephone exchanges connected back to a main exchange via fibre.). If you are in the 3-5km from exchange ballpark, the copper links synch at 3-4 Mbs dn, the fibre links synch at 2Mbs dn. The data below relates to a cabinet connection:


Cabinet links

adsl2+ capable modem connects as follows:

   (In multimode, it synchs as 2+)


  • 2+ G992.5 Synch   864,000 up - 1,000,000 dn

    speedtest clocked at a weird 760kbs up, 864kbs dn

  • 2   G992.3 Synch   1,656,000 dn, 828,000 up

    tested at 1455 dn 688 up

  • Annex M wouldnt synch
  • G.dmt      Synch 800,000 up 2,368,000 dn

    tested at   650 up, 2005 dn

  • G.lite not tested


Its my understanding from talking to telecom contractors that the alcatel dslams in those cabinets cap throughput to arbitrary limits (one fibre core shares 28 dsl connects), and the speed is unrelated to copper length. Whether the cabinet is 2+ enabled or whether it just thinks it is, G.DMT is all its really performing at, and averagely at best. In this situation there has been no improvement resulting from upgrading to adsl2 gear.


Copper links


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