PPPoE on Debian

For linux based routers weve been playing around with the Draytek range of modem/routers, which are starting to become available here.


Heres a breif howto to set up PPPoE on a gateway box.


Before you upset the existing net connection get the packages:


aptitude install pppoe pppoeconf


The next step took a bit of fiddle when i did it, so id recomend doing this in two steps.


Step 1

0. Set you client pc NIC up on dhcp.

1. Log into the draytek vigor (from factory default the http auth user and password are both blank) and the ip is

2. Change the modems LAN IP to, turn off dhcp (under LAN), and under management change the http access port to 81.

3. The modem will reboot

3a. Reaccess the modem on (ie change your client pc to something on that subnet, static ip, temporarily)

4. Under internet access, select pppoa/pppoe, then enter   the usual 0 / 100 / vcmux, your dsl login and click stay connected.

5. On the status page, click Dial PPP. If the status line goes green and gives you an WAN IP your connected.

5a. Change your client pc back to subnet, and ssh into the gateway.

6. On your gateway box edit /etc/network/interfaces so that the WAN interface has a static IP, and a gateway of, ifdown

7. Restart eth1 using ifdown eth1, ifup eth1


You should now have a double NAT thing going ok. Test it for a bit and ensure you can still get back into the modem on


Step 2

Ok now this is stable, (my one seemed to get confused if i changed too many things at once), lets put the modem into pppoe pass through mode.


1. Log into the modem on

2. Under Internet access, pppoa-pppoe, PPPoE Pass-through: tick for wired lan.

3. On the gw run pppoeconf. It will detect the modem and configure it with all the defaults, and your dsl login.

4. Poff, then reedit the interfaces file to remove the gw previosuly specified for eth1. Restart eth1, then pon.


You should now have a ppp0 interface listed under ifconfig, with an IP address. Typing route should yeild wthout pause alisting like:


testbox:/home/peter# route

Kernel IP routing table

Destination       Gateway             Genmask             Flags Metric Ref      Use Iface

ip-58-28-15-31. *             UH      0         0            0 ppp0       *                U       0         0            0 eth1

localnet            *                U       0         0            0 eth0

default             *                         U       0         0            0 ppp0

Admin login