Server Addons

If you have your own Linux server, or have built one as per my howtos then you can use the listserver, backup and netmeter addons. This page wont be of any interest to those with hosted websites. You need your own box, a LAN, and root access.


The addon package can be downloaded from the downloads page, and further information about installing and using them linked to below and in the sidebar.


The listserver addon

One of the first thing many organizations need is a listserver.   If you want, as clients at the time wanted, a listserver that:

  • integrates into your user database
  • has a web UI to subscribe and unsubscribe
  • a friendly one stop shop archive UI, much like yahoogroups
  • some interesting attachment handling options, like automatically extracting attachments and storing in them in a database
  • simple to operate

then you may not be altogether happy with the main open source packages that are around. Hence the listserver addon came into being. Designed to work with Postfix, its had 4 years in production testing and useful for low-medium traffic lists.


The backup addon

The backups addon isnt really an addon to the Webspaces CMS at all, its a stand alone Perl script that is designed to run on Windows workstations to make revisioning incremental daily backups happen automatically. Its the old adage the only good kind of backups are ones that you dont have to remember to do. You can use this addon to backup to your Linux server, using Samba, or an off the self NAS appliance, or the usual range of backup media.


The netmeter addon

Once you have a server sitting on you LAN, you start to realize how useful it can be. Here we use it do net traffic accounting, which is only useful if you have a group of broadband internet users, such as staff or residential users that you have a need to monitor bandwidth usage. The netmeter addon provides the software, but you`ll probably need some pretty serious help for the required hardware configuration .

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