Intranet Server

Centralised Windows server infrastructure probably has its place.   However for smaller businesses and NGOs they are often not the best solution. Unless those servers are set up properly they can quickly become a single point of failure.


Why Linux servers?

Running a Linux server on your LAN provides many other benefits, not the least of which is the three big cost savings:

  • software costs; free open source software: zero.
  • hardware costs; contrary to what we are told about needing more an more powerful computer gear, Linux will run many many applications very happily on an inherited Pentium 1; cost zero. Alternatively you can use one of the new range of low cost, low power inbuilt CPU motherboards eg Intel D201GLY2; cost: $100.
  • energy costs;   contrary to common perception the electricity to power and cool server farms is no longer trivial. But a P1 uses about 50 odd watts compared to the 250W that modern pcs use. The Intel board above uses (while running at the speed of a Pentium 4 Northwood), only 25W of power; cost = much less, each and every day.


Support costs are always present, no matter what OS you use. Linux has a slight edge, in that the foundation of sharing that it is built on means that quite a bit of voluntary help is available via the internet.

Add the vast range of freely available software, and the fact that it is generally understood that Linux utelises a technically superior architecture, and provides more reliable performance, and better uptime then the decision starts to look easy.


The primary downside to Linux servers is that the IT support industry revolves primarily around Windows servers, so you either need to be prepared to do the maintenance in house, or locate a Linux consultant.


Webspaces Intranet Server

In addition to running the CMS, a collection of other commonly required server roles became clear, and this led to the development of the Intranet Server Appliance Package. Depending on how you look at it, this `package` is three things. It is a set of Linux software, a set of howtos to set up such a server, and thirdly, it can also be a ready made   server appliance.


The software

The software comes in two packages, the Webspaces CMS, and the Server addons package. If you just require the CMS (with calendar and forum) then you only need the CMS package. If you have a server then get the server addons as well.


If you have some hardware laying around, some enthusiam for Linux, then you can use the howtos (at advanced draft stage) to build your own Intranet Server. These howtos start with etch install howto.

Server appliances

I do build and support these systems, and you can feel free to contact me if you want to look at this as an option.

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