Webspaces CMS

Webspaces is open source Content Management Software, which can be used for building websites, community portals, or intranet systems. It is a simple system that is easy to install, quick to get up to speed with, and presents a flexible minimalist face to users. I call it three click publishing, because thats all it should take. Requires PHP and MySQL.


Easy install

Configure 20 lines max, ftp the files, run the installer. That`s it. But most CMSs are like that. The real test comes with the fact that no PhD is required to modify the /templates to suit your organisational schema.   Self-explanatory-ness is a design feature.


Easy management

If you need a manual in order to be able to grasp basic management of the CMS, then something is wrong. Just click the blob, edit the page. Click admin area to add or reorder pages and upload images. Formatting tips are provided as contextual help.



The CMS is a semi-structured wiki. Wikis are notorious for lacking structure and this is why Webspaces CMS came to be.

  • Each page item has a unique name which is used in the url, and has either the webspace or another webspace page as its parent. Theres always a parent
  • Peer, child and parent nav bars are automatically created, so users have no reason to get lost.
  • Pages are entered in plain text plus what has to be the worlds simplest formatting markup system.

See the full feature List.


Add ons

The CMS has accumulated several optional add ons, that all revolve around the one user database. Among them is calendar, contacts, and a beta forum which are in the main CMS package. For those with your own box there is also a server addons package comprising listserver, backups, and netmeter. In version 9 there will also be a document management system. These latter packages are useful for building an intranet system.

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